Autumn In Colorado

The leaves are starting to change color, there is a nip in the morning air and my cats are curling up under the blankets at night to keep warm.  It's a wonderful time of the year and there is snow…


After The Flood Report

It rained and rained and rained starting last Tuesday night and the Big Thompson River spilled over its banks Thursday night and it kept raining.  Luckily I live over a mile from the river and I can report no flooding…


Another Evening of Fine Ale and Guitar

Last Saturday I had a great time performing at the Loveland Aleworks.  A crowd gathered early, probably half of them to watch the Broncos-Seattle game, but the Broncos bowed out quickly (are they taking lessons from the Rockies?), and many…


Notes For One Man One Guitar - TEST PATTERNS

This is the first of the notes for the original compositions on my CD, "One Man, One Guitar"

I chose Test Patterns first because it was the first instrumental I composed that I actually felt worked as a composition.  Before…


I'm Back And It's A Good Thing

An odd thing happened several months ago.  My index fingers started to not straighten out.  It didn't affect my guitar playing but it scared me.  My doctor said it could be many things and suggested to take a break from…

Review - ArtWorks, Loveland, CO April 25, 2013

I had a great time performing at ArtWorks Loveland.  The occassion was for the opening of a new show by photographer, Robert Campagna and sculptor, Dee Clements.


                                                                                                            photo by Devani Ruff

The artwork by both of these talented artists was…


Tommy Emmanuel In FC

I attended The Tommy Emmanuel show last Sunday.  It wasn't Heavy Metal loud like some of his shows and I liked that a immensely.

He played many new tunes for the first part of the show which was great.  He…


The Year In Review

     It has been another good year for this guitarist.  Although I did not finish my latest CD in time for the holidays, I have taken the time to make it especially good.  At least in my opinion.

     I had many…


Starting a new CD

 I've started working on my new CD.  I'm deciding on the new compositions to record and getting them scored and "into my fingers" enough so I can record them without error but more importantly with all the emotion and meaning…


Blood On The Guitar

I was performing Sunday morning at Sofia's Bistro as I do every Sunday and everything was fine.  I did have a paper cut on my thumb from a book's dust jacket but I practiced the night before and there were…


Welcome to my website!

Blogs not blahgs!

Here I go exiting the stone age and joining the computer age.  It's been quite a learning curve to climb and I'm still not anywhere the top yet.  I still have to add music, reviews, and more…