Winter Arrives

Winter has arrived with a blast of frigid air.  I say brrr.   We had a beautiful unseasonably warm autumn and now it is 2 degrees below 0 F.

I have retired from my corporate retail job and I have spent the last 3 months getting my life in order.  I have gone through the garage attic and the basement storage rooms assembling items to donate or sell, finding all kinds of stuff I didn't know existed.  I also began a get myself into shape program.  I worked my way up to "running" 5 miles every other day and I have lost 15 pounds in the process, however, it is hard to run outside when it is below freezing so we will see how much I can keep off.

I've also spent time thinking about my music and guitar compositions and the musical direction I want to go in the future.  So check in for future updates.


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