What are all these private events?

This year I am getting asked to perform at many private events.  You may be wondering what these events are.  I can't tell you the particulars because they are not open to the general public due to the purpose of the event.  However, I can tell you that I am usually supplying background music to a networking event or a private social event.

I don't mind performing as background music because I meet many great people this way and they become fans and give me ideas where to perform in a concert venue I may not have heard about.  They also suggest many fine tunes I should learn or tell me of other guitarists that I have not heard of before.

I perform cover tunes that suit the event as well as many of my original solo guitar pieces and I always have business cards available as well as CD's for purchase. 

These events are fun, even when it's a serious event, and I enjoy them and these events benefit my career as a guitarist.

I thought you might be interested after looking at my concert calendar.



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