Happy New Year

Another New Year has begun and as always I have many resolutions.  Besides the usual lose weight and get in shape so I can run a mile as fast as I did when I was 20 (probably just a dream) I resolve to learn 6 great new solo guitar instrumentals this year.  They are:

The Tempest by Doug Smith

Andecy by Andrew York

Turning Turning Back by Alex Degrassi

Freewayman by Pat Donohue

Cobalt Blue and The White Pass Trail by Laurence Juber

I really love listening to these pieces and I have a great desire to be able to play them.  Some of them are in tunings I haven't used before so this will be an big learning experience.  I will most likely learn all of these pieces before I match my mile time from when I was 20.  But there is always hope.

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