A Special Moment at the Greeley Farmers Market

I was half way through my second set on Saturday at the Greeley Farmers Market and I had just started playing Classical Gas.  A family walked by with 3 young children.  The youngest child, who I am guessing was maybe 4 years old, broke free from her father and ran up to my Crate Street EX amplifier, which sits on the ground, and hugged the amplifier smiling a huge grin on her face.  It was obvious that this young girl had serious vision issues (and possibly other issues) judging from the weirdness of her glasses.  Her father quickly grabbed her off the speaker and mouthed "I'm sorry."

As the harried father pulled her away he was distracted by one of the other children and the young girl broke away from his grip.  In the 30 seconds or so since the father had pulled the young girl off the speaker she must have realized I was making the music.  She ran up to me, "strummed" the guitar strings with both hands and hugged the guitar.  Once again the father pulled her away.

I am proud to say I kept playing Classical Gas the entire time in spite of how it may have sounded to the casual listener, I ended with a flourish.  A younger, less experienced version of me may have been annoyed or even angry at the father for not keeping his child under control, but I have to admit I was amazed and awed by the amount of pure joy the child showed in reaction to my music.

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