Summer with 6 strings

     It's that wonderful warm time of the year when it's great to be outdoors and it's great to play guitar outdoors.  I just finished practicing guitar on my front porch while occasionally glancing up to catch a glimpse of Long's Peak and the other 14ers I can see.  It is very inspiring.  I wonder if I could see my house from Long's Peak.  I think I would need a great pair of binoculars to see that far and a house this small.

     I'm working on learning more solo guitar instrumentals by guitarists such as Will Ackerman and Jorma Kaukonen.  At some point I hope to phase out the pop songs and just play my original guitar pieces and guitar solos by other guitarists.  The acoustic guitar is a wonderful and versatile instrument.  It has its own voice and doesn't really need to be just an accompaniment for a vocalist.  Especially a voice like mine.  I'll leave singing to the people on The Voice.

     I have some Farmer's Market gigs lined up so check out the Calendar Page for the details and listen to some great guitar playing while you shop for your fresh vegies.  See you there.

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