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     It has been another good year for this guitarist.  Although I did not finish my latest CD in time for the holidays, I have taken the time to make it especially good.  At least in my opinion.

     I had many fine performances and gigs.  I especially enjoyed playing for the Birds In Art opening at the Loveand Museum in Loveland, Colorado and a great event at the Larimer Humane Society in Fort Collins.

     I am looking forward to may fine performances in 2013 and I wish you the best for the coming year.


I am really excited.  A new venue is opening in the old Mandolin Cafe.  This is a fun space to perform and I have performed at and seen many great shows there before.

The Coffee Tree is the new name.  They are moving from a different location in Loveland and they serve the best coffee I have ever had in Loveland. 

The Grand Opening is June 23rd 5pm to 9pm and I'll be performing from 6pm to 7pm.  I wish the owners and employees of the Coffee Tree great success in their new location and I hope to see you there for the Grand Opening.

See my calendar for more info.

 I've started working on my new CD.  I'm deciding on the new compositions to record and getting them scored and "into my fingers" enough so I can record them without error but more importantly with all the emotion and meaning that I felt when I composed them.

Unlike my last CD "One Man - One guitar" my new CD will contain all original material.

I am very excited about this project as it will contain music composed about my travels throughout Colorado, it's natural beauties and events.  Basically my view of Colorado and all the reasons I live here.

I look for the CD to hit the stores and airwaves in 2 or 3 months.  In the meantime you can pickup a copy of my first cd at CDbaby or other internet retailers and don't forget to stop in at Sofia's Bistro for Sunday brunch if you are in the Northern Colorado area and enjoy a great meal while I play original music on my guitar.



I was performing Sunday morning at Sofia's Bistro as I do every Sunday and everything was fine.  I did have a paper cut on my thumb from a book's dust jacket but I practiced the night before and there were no problems.  I played the first hour long set of my original instrumental guitar music and I noticed during my break that my thumb skin was starting to peel on the paper cut.  It didn't hurt so I wasn't concerned as I went to play the second set.

I played with no problems until half way throught the second set I noticed my thumb felt like it was sticking to the strings.  I looked down at my guitar and it had speckles of blood on the front.  Then I looked at my thumb.  Yuck.  I won't go into details but it wasn't pretty.  Needless to say I called it a day.  It didn't hurt until I was home which may have been shock or just mentally blocking out the pain.

 I couldn't play a gig for 2 weeks but I am fine now.  It's the first time I never finished a gig.  I hope something like that never happens again.

Blogs not blahgs!

Here I go exiting the stone age and joining the computer age.  It's been quite a learning curve to climb and I'm still not anywhere the top yet.  I still have to add music, reviews, and more interesting (I hope) blogs.  Blogs not blahgs is my motto. 

I really love the guitar and the many styles of music that can be played on it and I hope to add reviews of other guitarist's cds as well.  For now I reccommend the 6 cds in my car's changer. 

Pierre Bensusan - Intuite 

Pat Donahue - Radio Blues

Mary Flower - Instrumental Breakdown

David Russell - Spanish Legends

Allen Toussant - The Bright Mississippi

Herbie Mann - Memphis Underground

The last 2 cds are not solo guitar cds but great instrumental cds none the less.  The last is one of my favorites from my teen years.  I still groove on it now.  Check out any of these cds.

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