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I was performing Sunday morning at Sofia's Bistro as I do every Sunday and everything was fine.  I did have a paper cut on my thumb from a book's dust jacket but I practiced the night before and there were no problems.  I played the first hour long set of my original instrumental guitar music and I noticed during my break that my thumb skin was starting to peel on the paper cut.  It didn't hurt so I wasn't concerned as I went to play the second set.

I played with no problems until half way throught the second set I noticed my thumb felt like it was sticking to the strings.  I looked down at my guitar and it had speckles of blood on the front.  Then I looked at my thumb.  Yuck.  I won't go into details but it wasn't pretty.  Needless to say I called it a day.  It didn't hurt until I was home which may have been shock or just mentally blocking out the pain.

 I couldn't play a gig for 2 weeks but I am fine now.  It's the first time I never finished a gig.  I hope something like that never happens again.

Blogs not blahgs!

Here I go exiting the stone age and joining the computer age.  It's been quite a learning curve to climb and I'm still not anywhere the top yet.  I still have to add music, reviews, and more interesting (I hope) blogs.  Blogs not blahgs is my motto. 

I really love the guitar and the many styles of music that can be played on it and I hope to add reviews of other guitarist's cds as well.  For now I reccommend the 6 cds in my car's changer. 

Pierre Bensusan - Intuite 

Pat Donahue - Radio Blues

Mary Flower - Instrumental Breakdown

David Russell - Spanish Legends

Allen Toussant - The Bright Mississippi

Herbie Mann - Memphis Underground

The last 2 cds are not solo guitar cds but great instrumental cds none the less.  The last is one of my favorites from my teen years.  I still groove on it now.  Check out any of these cds.

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