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I sheepishly admit that I have not listened to my CD "One Man, One Guitar" in several years.  I still perform the music on it, so that is my excuse for why I haven't slipped it into my CD player. 

When I was at a friends birthday party last night, the host made an announcement about the his appreciation for the music he was putting on his CD player and I recognized from the first few notes that it was my CD my first thought was "Uh-oh!"

But I didn't run for the door.  I sat and listened.  Soon several of the guests were very forthcoming with their praise for my CD.  By the time the CD ended I admitted to myself the CD was very good.  Especially since it was recorded with absolutely no overdubs.  The sound was of high quality also.  I came away from the party inspired about my playing and my music.

So if you are looking for a CD that provides a good listening experience check out my CD at or Amazon or or iTunes.  I wholehearted recommend it.